Locked on Redskins - 9/7/18 - What matters most for the Redskins Sunday?

By Nick Ashooh

It's hard to figure out what the biggest storyline is heading into Sunday against the Cardinals.

Is it Jay Gruden's terrible 0-4 record in season openers? What about Alex Smith's debut with the Redskins? Wait, it's gotta be Adrian Peterson right?

Listen, all that stuff matters, but what's honestly most important, is that all of those question marks have FOOTBALL related questions in front of them.

No contract topics, no petty drama, nothing other than real football stuff.

It's a weird feeling. 

That being said, the Redskins HAVE to get off to a strong start this year. They can't afford to lose these first two games with Green Bay lurking in Week 3. 

The Skins have won eight of their last ten against the Cards, and with a new coach in Steve Wilks that apparently made it clear to the media that his team still isn't ready, a loss at Arizona, despite it only being Week 1, would drop Gruden to 0-5 to open a season, and send Redskins fans into a tailspin saying he can't get his team prepared to start the season.

Also, who let Phil Dunphy take over the Redskins Twitter account?


All of that, and more, from this week's Locked on Redskins Podcasts: