Locked on Redskins - Full week recap: What went right in Arizona and what to expect against Colts

By Nick Ashooh

So sure, it’s fair to be excited after seeing the Adrian Peterson, Alex Smith, and the Redskins dismantle the Cardinals in week one.

It’s also fair to take a long, deep breath, and realize that’s it’s just ONE game…oh…and the Cardinals are terrible.


Ok, maybe not terrible. They were sixth in total defense last year. But let’s pump the breaks on our big passionate proclamations after just one game.

This Redskins team has the potential to be better than an 8-8 team if they’re HEALTHY, but we all know the value of that word with this franchise.

They also have a tough schedule, and a quarterback gauntlet that starts this week.

Andrew Luck and the Colts come to Fed Ex Field Sunday, followed by games against Aaron Rodgers (as long as he can play), Drew Brees, and Cam Newton.

We’ll see pretty quickly what this team, and the defense specifically, can do over the next few weeks.

They SHOULD beat the Colts. They lack a run game, and their defense is in a rebuild. Luck will likely throw 50 times again this weekend and the Redskins will have to put their focus on that.


As for what the players and coaches think, plus the always-crazy Chris Russell, here’s the full week of Locked on Redskins Podcasts: