Locked on Redskins - 9/10/18 - Redskins win season opener in Arizona

By Nick Ashooh

It was a sight we haven't seen since 2012. The Redskins walking off the field Week 1 with smiles on their faces.

Jay Gruden and the Skins had their first win to open the season in the Gruden era, making him now 1-4 as head coach on Week 1.

There's jubilation, excitement, and fans now expecting 12 wins from this team.

Yeah, those expectations may be a little high, and sure, you may be a prisoner of the moment, but we can take away plenty of positives from the Redskins' win. 

Alex Smith and the offense looked prepared, the defense made it hell for the Cardinals' offense, and Adrian Peterson showed he's got a little somethin' left in the tank.

There were also some things that they'll need to check out on film and work on though before the Colts next weekend: