Locked on Redskins - 8/06/18 - Can Rob Kelley make the team? Terrelle Pryor has fightin' words for the Skins

By Nick Ashooh

We all love a good underdog story right? Or a good comeback story at least.

The Redskins have both of those in camp this year. A few really, but two that most Redskins fans are at least familiar with.

Rob Kelley found his way into Redskins fans' hearts two years ago, climbing his way up the depth chart to eventually become their starting running back. Last year, much more inconsistent, but fans still  love the guy.

Phil Taylor hasn't played football in three years, but he's still grinding his way back. He was on his way to becoming the starting nose tackle until a quad injury ended his 2017 year before it even started. 

Both of these names have a chance to make the roster again. Both are names fans would love to see around, even in small roles.

Oh, remember how Terrelle Pryor was running his mouth about the big year he was gonna have last season? Yeah, well now he's running his mouth and throwing around fightin' words about the Redskins, leading up to their joint practices that are coming soon.

I'd just like to remind you, I thought Pryor was overrated from the beginning. Okay, done patting myself on the back. Here's Monday's Locked on Redskins Podcast: