Locked on Redskins - 8/21/18 - Adrian Peterson signs with Redskins

By Nick Ashooh

Before you go throwing around the "same old Redskins" narrative, take a deep breath.

Also, please take a deep breath if you think Adrian Peterson is going to run for 1,400 yards. 

This is a very low-risk move for the Skins. Peterson has nothing guaranteed financially until week one, and if they cut him and bring him back AFTER week one, nothing's guaranteed then either.

The Redskins needed bodies at this point. With Derrius Guice done for the year, Samaje Perine missing at least a week, and Byron Marshall missing up to a month, the third preseason game against Denver is a chance to see if AP has anything left.

At 33, no one should expect anything more than a few solid carries a game for Peterson. If he ends up making the Redskins 53-man roster, it's likely because they need depth and someone, maybe Marshall, just isn't ready for the start of the season.

I also have a forgotten segment from the latest conversation with Erin Hawksworth I didn't put in Monday's podcast. It involves a crazy Kahlil Mack trade idea: