Locked on Redskins - 8/03/18 - Josh Doctson injury, Jay Gruden analyzes Derrius Guice's video game talents, and DeAngelo Hall retires

By Nick Ashooh

Sometimes, the Redskins content just creates itself. With no practice today down in Richmond, we're lucky that was the case.

Josh Doctson appears to not be TOO injured, but yet he still sat out yesterday's practice. We need to understand at this point that he may just be someone that has to be worked along slowly and watched like an old car. 

Jay Gruden is also never one to be boring when asked, well, ANY question. When it comes to Derrius Guice, he's gonna have a lot of questions moving forward. People care about Guice. He's apparently really good at video games according to Gruden.

DeAngelo Hall also officially retired. I was going to just give you a little bit of the press conference, until I listened, and realized you need to hear the whole thing. He's great: