Locked on Redskins - 8/17/18 - Did the starters get enough reps against the Jets?

By Nick Ashooh

It's only week 2 of the preseason and we saw SOME of Alex Smith last night against the Jets. I'm fine with how much he played. 

This team has been cursed by the injury gods, and at this point, without Trent Williams there to protect Smith's blindside, I'm not ready to take any risks mid-August with your franchise quarterback.

Tim Settle deserves a lot more credit for what he's shown so far as a Redskin too. I love what he's brought to the table so far. Suddenly, as long as they stay healthy, this Redskins defensive line is becoming a strength, that has some significant depth as well.

Cam Sims had a full redemption tour last night. From looking like his roster bubble could burst with that terrible drop that led to an interception, to making up for it on multiple plays. Even on this one, that was called back.


Also, hear from Jay Gruden on the win in today's Locked on Redskins Podcast: