Locked on Redskins - 8/14/18 - How to fill Derrius Guice's Shoes

The dust has settled, both from the Derrius Guice news and the brawls that started off Redskins joint practices with the Jets.

At this point, it would be completely against the grain for the Redskins to go out and find a veterans to add to the backfield with Guice out for the year. It doesn't mean they shouldn't consider it for a change though.

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Locked on Redskins - 8/10/18 - Preseason game one recap: Patriots

So we had a scare Thursday night. Derrius Guice threw every Redskins fan into a panic.

As of now he says his hyper-extended knee is just that, and nothing more to worry about. He has an MRI coming later Friday.

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