DC Sports Live gets a new look on NBC Sports Washington


By Nick Ashooh

When Wizards Outsiders started last fall, it was obvious Wes Hall and I had something really unique going. There was instant chemistry between us, and honestly, we knew how to push each other’s buttons without much effort.

This summer, we’re lucky enough to take that dynamic and build something much, much bigger.

On August 8, D.C. Sports Live on NBC Sports Washington will have a whole new look, and Wes and I, along with the incredibly talented Alexa Shaw, will be taking over the show.

This is something that’s been in the works for a while and was almost impossible to keep quiet, so needless to say being able to talk about it now is a huge relief.

We’ll take some of the things we did on Wizards Outsiders, and build on that success, while adding a TON of new ideas as we get going. Some ideas will work, and others will be terrible. Either way, we’re a group this isn’t afraid to be original.

I mean, they built a WHOLE NEW SET. Trust me this thing is incredible too.

When I started to make the move from radio to TV, this is exactly the type of show I wanted to do. Sports will obviously be the focus, but don’t think we won’t throw in everything from pop culture, to the best places to watch games in D.C., to whatever other lifestyle stuff you care about.

Wes and I will make more dumb side bets, which I’ll win again, and we’ll probably overuse “Alexa” jokes too somehow. She knows it’s coming don’t worry.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, my homemade Gucci sweatshirt WILL be making appearances too.

NBC Sports Washington has a massively creative digital team as well, and we’ll be all over social media, the My Teams App, and the website with original content that will be totally different from the TV show.

So make sure to follow on all the various socials for this too.

Check us out every night at 10 p.m. on NBC Sports Washington, or stream us on the My Teams app.

Nick Ashooh