Stop ignoring the fact that all these spiked seltzers are amazing


By Nick Ashooh

I just spent the last week on vacation in one of the muggiest places on earth, Savannah, GA., and I made a discovery. It's something that everyone should embrace, and stop pretending we're too good for anymore.

All these spiked seltzers are amazing.

Stop laughing, I'm serious. They're fantastic and we should all embrace them as a damn good summer time drink.

Haven't you ever gotten to the point five days into a vacation, sitting on the beach where it's hot as hell, and just said "I'm tired of beer"? No that statement isn't crazy. There's a certain point where you just don't want more Corona, or terrible Bud Light Lime, or whatever beer is marketed to us as "the drink of summer".

My advice to you is stop being a stubborn guy and try one if you haven't. It's not a wine cooler, it's not some fruity drink with an umbrella in it. Everyone's drinking La Croix and not acting like they're too cool for it. These are even better.



You take what you already drink to help you stop chugging so much soda, and add alcohol to that very same drink. Is there any better idea than that?

No. There is not.

Sure, some of the flavors are gross, but as long as we have Peeps flavors Oreos, we know the world will never be perfect.

Embrace this new trend. Enjoy it. If you think you lose your man card because you're drinking hard seltzer, well, you should lose it for not sacking up and trying something that has no faults, weaknesses, or negatives.

Spiked seltzers are perfect, and should be embraced by all.

I'll always love beer, but we could all use something new in our lives. This is it.

You're welcome.