WATCH: There's Literally Nothing on this Earth That Could Distract Kevin Durant from Getting into a Twitter War

By Nick Ashooh

I'm pretty sure Kevin Durant would get into a Twitter fight in the middle of sex.

Look, we all would prefer not to hear criticism of ourselves, but sometimes, you just have to learn when to ignore it. 

Durant doesn't seem to be that guy though.

Now, after just finishing up a sparring match with some 17-year-old kid on Instagram, he's taken his pettiness and sensitivity back to Twitter.

It started with CJ McCollum, who called Durant soft for joining the Warriors on his podcast. Durant then laughed at the idea that the Blazers could win an NBA title over the Warriors, to his face.


KD then decided to check his mentions, which brought the expected trolling. So OF COURSE he had to let everyone know how he felt, individually. 


Listen, he can do whatever he wants on social media. You wanna get into petty wars with keyboard warriors? Fine. You want to tell a 17-year-old kid he doesn't know hoops? Go ahead.

This is what makes #NBATwitter so great. The drama is just reality TV for NBA fans. It's what makes the offseason interesting, and makes fans feel like they know these guys.

At the same time, dude, you're a grown-ass man arguing with strangers. You're a millionaire NBA superstar. Don't you have better things to do?

Find a hobby KD. Learn how to build furniture or something. Go for a damn walk. Read something that ISN'T your mentions. 

Doesn't this just get boring after a while if you're Kevin Durant? Isn't this beneath you?

I guess in the end, it's just more proof that when athletes say they don't listen to the outside noise, they're lying their asses off. 

UPDATE: Durant has spoken: