LISTEN: Seeing the Nats on facebook drove lots of people nuts, but it's finally a smart move made by mlb


By Nick Ashooh

I get that change can be hard. Nostalgia is a prison that can cloud your judgement. I miss being ten riding my bike around the neighborhood with no responsibility.

We need to realize though, that the "good old days" never stick around, and we have to learn to adapt to what's next. It usually ends up being an improvement from what we had before.

Baseball is doing the right thing putting games on Facebook. Yes, it's exclusive, yes, it's different, but it's a 162 game schedule. They have plenty of room to try new things, even it it means ONE Nats game isn't on MASN. 

MLB is tired of 55 year olds being their core audience. They want a younger audience too. It doesn't mean they DON'T want their older audience, it just means they want MORE than that. 

They've spent so much time pulling their highlights off Twitter and Youtube, that it's amazing they even considered this. Just remember, if you don't like it, there was a point where you helped your mom work her VCR when it was new.

One day, millenials will need help using the chip implants in their heads when they're 60 and don't understand that technology either.

It's a never-ending evolution. Baseball wants to evolve, and this is a small, but smart step in that direction: