For DC Sports Fans, Watching a Tortured Eagles Fan Base End Its Drought Was Just Salt in the Wound

Houson Chronicle

Houson Chronicle

By Nick Ashooh

First off, congrats to Eagles fans. Seriously.

As much as it pained me to write that, we can't deny the Eagles' Super Bowl win was historic on a ton of levels.

Congrats to Nick Foles. The guy was set to retire and give up, now he's a Super Bowl MVP. 

That being said, as a Redskins fan, I feel like I'm walking down a dark alley, with no way out, and nothing to defend me from some crack head jumping out from behind a dumpster.

First, we were subjected to watching a group of fans, that happen to be a bitter rival, experience something they've dreamed about, and never experienced until that moment after decades of torture. 

Anyone from my generation feels that not just with the Redskins, but with all of D.C. sports currently.

It's been a long, drawn out issue we have in this town.

We also got to watch them celebrate the only way Philly can.

Second, look at the NFC East right now.

The Eagles are likely on the verge of being a Super Bowl contender year after year, the Cowboys are loaded with young talent, and the Giants have a chance to turn around last season and draft their potential quarterback of the future. 

What do the Redskins have?

More questions than answers.

Can Alex Smith be more than a $94 million Plan B for this offense? Can the Redskins surround him with talent that makes him better? Can they build up their defense? Are they really thinking about holding Kirk Cousins hostage still? Is there someone that can run the ball consistently for them? When will Bruce Allen just go away?

It's painful to look at the future of the division, and realize that the Redskins are the ones with the cloudiest one. Even with how bad the Giants were this year. 

To top that off, we had to watch Darrell Green hand the Lombardi Trophy to the Eagles Sunday night too. 

Green's son made sure to let me know that his dad is a far bigger man than me though when it came to that trophy presentation. 

Yes, the Redskins have made strides to go in the right direction, and as I pointed out, I don't hate the Smith trade.

But the Skins still have so much more to do, and there are very few outside the soundproof walls in Ashburn that are confident this current front office can get it done. 

That just leaves us with a feeling of doubt as a fan base. Honestly, it's also some deep rooted jealousy we have to come to terms with too. 

In the end, the Eagles won with a hell of an effort, were an amazing story, and took down the G.O.A.T.

Unfortunately, once the dust settles, it just leaves Redskins fans wallowing in our own misery for another offseason, hoping for brighter days next year.    

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