VIDEO: It's Okay To Admit We're Just Jealous of the Patriots, So Who Cares If They Win Super Bowl LII

By Nick Ashooh

Look I get it, just saying it makes you want to vomit. Fine.

Let me do it for you: We're jealous of the Patriots and their fans.

You're watching this Super Bowl, disgusted because you can't stand the Eagles and can't stand the Patriots.

Why do you hate the Eagles? If you're a Redskins fan that's easy. If you're not, you likely hate their fans, their city, or their cheesesteaks (although I don't know why you would hate that one).

The Patriots? As much as I get the whole cheating thing, I'd like to direct you to and look up your favorite team's criminal record before you use that argument. Besides that, c'mon, be honest, you're jealous your team isn't the Patriots.

I am. I can fully admit it, and it's therapeutic to say it. 

So say it with me: "I'm jealous my team doesn't win like the Patriots. I'm jealous my team doesn't win like the Patriots."

Feel better? You should.

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I get it, it sucks. We hate seeing teams win like they have. But just look at almost two decades of success, even with all the "gates", and at least take a second to realize you're watching history. 

This Patriots dynasty will go down as one of, if not the all time greats. Wouldn't you want your team to be in the same boat?

Oh, you would? Ok then, there we go, it's all about jealousy.

Now, doesn't it make it easier to at least see the Patriots in the Super Bowl again versus the Eagles?

I mean, no one wants to see Philly fans get a Super Bowl, but at least we can say we watched history if the Patriots win again. 

Yes, you'd rather it be your team, but this can at least help you not throw up watching Sunday.  

Glad we had this talk. You're welcome.

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