Hey NBA, You Better Find a Real Way to Protect Your Players


By Nick Ashooh

The NBA has a problem on it's hands. It's something that's been hiding in the weeds for a while, but now we can't ignore it anymore.

Fans aren't trustworthy enough to be able to reach out and touch players.

Twice this week we've seen people at NBA games get onto the court without a single obstacle in their way.

First it was in New Orleans:

Luckily, this guy just wanted something to brag about to his friends. It was also fairly obvious the minute he took a shot that he wasn't and NBA player.

But the fact that people can even come this close, leaves the opportunity for something even more confrontational, which we saw Thursday night in Denver.

Let's not kid ourselves, we're lucky that guy just had beer muscles and thought he could taunt Russell Westbrook.

What if he came at Westbrook with a weapon?

What if Westbrook broke the guy's jaw thinking he had to defend himself?

It's time the NBA did something about this. I get these courtside seats are prime real estate for the league, but you also put your players at risk for more of this garbage.

The last thing we need is another Malice at the Palace. 

The NBA better start beefing up their security, and finding better ways to keep these dummies away from their players, or we're going to have to deal with something far worse than what happened to Westbrook in Denver. 

For the record, I'd have no problem with him pounding that guy's face in either.

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We may joke about NBA players being fake tough guys, but that's when it's two giants pretending to fight eachother like a couple of high school kids being held back by teachers in the hallway.

When a 5-7, 200 lb. drunk bro steps to one of the best athletes in the world, they don't have to pretend to be tough, they're gonna break that little guy's face.

That's the last image the NBA ever wants to have going viral.

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