The Cavaliers Are Better Now, Which Is Good For Bragging Rights, But Bad For the Wizards

Daily Express

Daily Express

By Nick Ashooh

Sure, it's only been one game, but I think we can all agree the Cavaliers look better than they did before they blew up their entire roster at the NBA Trade Deadline.

GM LeBr...I mean...GM Koby Altman saw chemistry was a mess, took a bunch of C-4 to his roster, and completely changed the dynamic.

The Cavs are younger, more athletic, hungrier, and more willing to play in the situation in Cleveland than guys like Isaiah Thomas, who wanted to get a max deal, and Jae Crowder, who apparently wasn't having fun at work, as you can see below.

Via RealGM

Via RealGM

The bigger issue here though, is that it's further proof that the Cavs rushed into their trade for of Kyrie Irving. They got pieces that didn't fit, and they were parts that were propped up by the fantastic coaching of Brad Stevens in Boston.

Chemistry is so important in the NBA, but so is good coaching. I said back when the trade happened that Boston won the trade, Stevens had squeezed the best juice out of Thomas and Crowder already, and that those guys just weren't a good match for Cleveland.

I love being able to look back and brag about it later, especially when you're told you're crazy:

This team is no doubt better than they were before the deadline. Are they better than last season? We'll need more time to see that.

It definitely doesn't help the Wizards. This just makes their path that much harder. 

They've started to find a rhythm lately, without John Wall. It's a situation I'm still convinced can continue once Wall comes back too. Players like Tomas Satoransky finding new confidence with an increased role can make him that much more valuable off the bench in mid-March, when Wall is hopefully back.

The problem is, the Cavs are likely a good team again, and LeBron James is apparently happy playing basketball again too, which is bad for the rest of the East.

UPDATED: This was brought to my attention. It looks like I may have also jinxed Markelle Fultz: