AUDIO: The Real Reason We Freaked Out Over the Alex Smith Trade Isn't Because of Alex Smith

By Nick Ashooh

Ok, I've been able to take some time and breathe.

The chaos that we experienced Tuesday night is over. Trying to react to a franchise-altering trade live on the air is guaranteed to spike your emotions.

Now, I feel like I can see this Alex Smith trade a little clearer. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm still not a big fan of it. Smith is an aging quarterback, that's put up average numbers throughout his career, and will have a four-year extension kick in when he turns 35.

The real issue though, where the root of all of our emotions lie, is how we got here. 

The Redskins botched this from the beginning. Not just with Cousins, but with the quarterback position as a whole for almost two decades.

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First, there was the time they traded picks in the first, second, and third rounds to the Vikings for Brad Johnson in 1999. 

Then, the Redskins sent a third-round pick to the Jags for 34-year-old Mark Brunell, and gave him a stupid seven-year, $43 million contract six years later.

Or what about that laughable disaster when they thought Andy Reid wasn't trying to fleece them in the Donovan McNabb trade?

Then there's all those first-rounders for RG3.

Enough is enough.

The stumbling and bumbling of Kirk Cousins was just the latest in a long line of Redskins disasters when it comes to who they have under center.

It's like watching your drunk friend fail multiple times a night to just strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman at the bar.

Eventually, it's just sad, and you always bet against him.

So why would we think getting Smith (from Andy Reid again by the way), for a third-rounder and a young, cheap, talented corner in Kendall Fuller would go over any better?

That's just it, we shouldn't.

You know that friend that's 35 and still partying like he's in college? You never believe he'll grow up, even if he's trying.

Reputation is almost impossible to reshape. The Redskins rep when it comes to future-altering situations like this is about as credible as a photoshopped cover of Men's Health.

We don't trust the Redskins front office and any move they make, even one that has some legit logic as this Smith trade.

Automatically, it has us ready to explode, even when we find out other teams were offering more to the Chiefs. 

It still doesn't matter, and that's understandable. 

This is the life of a Redskins fan.

This is why I always push, and often fail myself, for us to just "friendzone" these teams, so we don't have our hearts broken time after time.

Maybe this time though, it'll be different.