Wizards Outsiders is officially coming this fall to NBC Sports Washington


By Nick Ashooh

So yes, it felt like a Friday Newsdump, but there’s a new show coming to NBC Sports Washington, and the bosses feel that I won’t totally screw up the idea.

Wizards Outsiders, with myself and Wes Hall is on its way.


The cool thing about this show, which has already had a successful run with NBC Sports Bay Area and NBC Sports Northwest, is that we have full creative freedom to try new things. It’s not about X’s and O’s but what you think is entertaining around the Wizards.

If you’ve watched the segments I’ve done on DC Sports Live, we’ll have some similar ideas on Wizards Outsiders.

The idea is to entertain you. Some things will work, some will fall on their face. When that happens, we’ll make fun of ourselves and move on.

When we come up with brilliant ideas that work though, you better believe we’ll brag endlessly to make ourselves feel better.

So make sure you’re ready for Oct. 18, when Wizards Outsiders debuts on NBC Sports Washington before and after every game.

Unless they make us do preseason shows, then you know, give us a chance to have our own preseason too.