AUDIO: The XFL Will Just Be Another Bad TV Spinoff


By Nick Ashooh

As much as I hate to admit it, the XFL will never work.

Sure, we all got excited when we saw that logo circulating social media before Vince McMahon's less-than-impressive press conference. 

But do we REALLY think this thing will actually work?

I might be one of the few that likes the BIG3, but that easily will last longer then the XFL. It's different than the NBA game, and it has former NBA players we all remember. 

What will the XFL bring to the table?

As much as I hate to admit it, the novelty will wear off quickly. There's a reason why nothing has come close to the NFL. Short of having the nuclear codes, the NFL is the most powerful entity in America. It's the mob, it's the Illuminati.

We all got excited when it was made official, but in the end, the XFL will just be another "Joey" to the NFL's "Friends".