The NFL Is Back, and We Don't Care How We Get Our Drug

By Nick Ashooh

Technically, football is back. That's what we keep hearing. Let's be honest though, it's not REAL football we're getting right now. It's the Hall of Fame Game, and a long list of other preseason games to follow. The NFL Preseason is the Wal Mart version of football. It's the cheap copy of the thing we really want, but we still crave it. We still need that fix.


What is it about football that keeps us coming back? It's amazing how we can have such a love-hate relationship with the NFL. We despise the commissioner, call the league greedy, criticize the way they treat the long-term health of players, get angry when a player gets another chance after off-the-field issues, yet, we keep coming back. 

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It's a drug, and we're all addicted. There's no other way around it. 

The NFL is something that's so ingrained in our DNA. Football is an event, it's part of our routine, and we feel left out if we don't get to consume it.

I get it, not everyone's a football fan. But how many people that don't even follow the sport still find themselves involved in football traditions? I have the answer: a lot. We've all seen it.

Cookouts in the fall and Sunday family get-togethers always seem to have football on a TV somewhere.

Gambling, fantasy football in the office, it all feeds the NFL's power. I mean, think of how many "Pams in accounting" have won an office fantasy football league just because they wanted to be a part of it. 

Yes, that's pissed plenty of people off too. Yet we keep playing fantasy football. 

This is why the NFL knows they can do pretty much whatever the hell they want, and we'll keep coming back for another hit. I've always said that anything short of us finding out the games are rigged like pro wrestling, won't effect the masses and the love of football. 

Side note really quick, I don't need angry tweets and e-mails from wrastlin' fans for what I just said. Move along, and don't waste your time please.


Threats from people who say they're tired of the league, or the players, or the way they do business remind me of the "I'm moving to Canada" people. Say it all you want, but even if you try, you'll eventually be right back where you started.

The NFL has us all by the nuts (or something similar to that also I guess). They know it and we know it. They'll continue to feed our addiction and we'll continue to take every form of the drug they give us.

But, with that all being said...damn it I'm pumped football is back. 


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Nick Ashooh