AUDIO: What's Worse, Hot Sauce In Your Eye or Icy Hot on Your Groin? Time For Research

By Nick Ashooh

So yea, if you missed it the other day, I got hot sauce in my eye. I know, you're already wondering how the hell that happened right?

Pretty simple really. I ate chicken that had Sriracha on it, apparently didn't wash off all residue that comes with it, touched my eye during the first segment of the show, and BOOM, my life was miserable.

That led to the question I felt was was more important than anything involving Redskins Training Camp: is hot sauce in your eye worse than what Stephen Strasburg once dealt with, Icy Hot on your groin?

The full audio is here. Things went off the rails pretty fast. 

Surprisingly, a lot of people have experienced these things, so I don't feel as bad.


I'll say this, both are definitely terrible scenarios, but hot sauce isn't meant to go in your eyes. Icy Hot is supposed to go on your skin, even sensitive areas. This is enough for me to come to the conclusion that our poll was right, and I dealt with the much worse situation. 

Chris Russell and I also had Hoffman on to follow up on this continued hot sauce dilemma.

You can only do so much right now with the Redskins. 

This is what we call ground breaking research. You're welcome. 


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Nick Ashooh