"Kurt" Has Made His Way to Redskins Training Camp



By Nick Ashooh

So if you expected the "Kurt/Kirk" fun to go away anytime soon, you should probably brace yourself. The jokes have made their way to Redskins Training camp.


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Not that we should be surprised, but I still can't imagine this being the result the Redskins wanted when they trotted out Bruce Allen in front of a camera to show the world they were trying their very hardest to keep Kirk Cousins in DC.

The funny thing is, the whole "Kurt" thing is nothing new here in DC, but now the rest of the country knows it exists. Just wait until the Redskins head to Philly and those fans get their chance to make far more "Philly-like" signs for us to enjoy.

Let's be honest though, in the end, it's not like they can hear any of the outside noise in those soundproof walls of Redskins Park. Everything's juuuusssttt fine.

We can all just wish, hope, and pray, that one day, a day far, far away from now, the Redskins won't find ways to help churn up new jokes about themselves. 

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Nick Ashooh