Stop Acting Surprised That Kirk Cousins Didn't get a Long Term Deal

By Nick Ashooh

Be honest with yourself for a second. Did you really think this was going to actually work itself out? Deep down, we all  knew there was no way the Redskins and Kirk Cousins were going to suddenly find a common ground and agree to a long-term deal. 

The Redskins have never had any intention of getting married. They just want to drag this thing on until Cousins leaves, and they can blame the breakup on him.

So now we're back to square one. Kirk still gets paid for a year, and the Redskins don't have to commit just in case he suddenly can't play football anymore.

But hey, there's always next offseason right?

You can only drag your feet for so long before they find someone else, and unless the Skins want to fork out $35 million next year, that transition tag gives other teams a chance to swoop in and steal Cousins away with enough money and a few nice dinners telling Cousins how much they've loved him since the day they laid eyes on him.

It'll be a classic rom-com move.

What we've seen in terms of this  lack of commitment from the Redskins is all based on perception. The perception of Cousins is that he's a fourth round pick, and he's not supposed to do this forever. He wasn't supposed to grow up and look this way, it's the classic situation of the average looking girl in high school you didn't give a chance to, and now she can do better than you.

If Cousins had been taken in the first two rounds of the NFL draft back in 2012, this marriage would've had a date and venue set a year ago, maybe more. He has to deal with the perception of being a mid-round pick, that eventually will see the bubble burst in the Redskins eyes. 

They still think they can find a Victoria's Secret model for a wife.

The Redskins have no intention of putting a ring on it, they're afraid the ugly girl that came back to the high school reunion beautiful might let herself go again down the road.

 Others around the league see a lot more than a short term Tinder hook up though, and that's why Cousins knows he has options. Next offseason will be Cousins putting "single" on his Facebook profile and watching all the thirsty teams blowing up his DMs. 

Don't overlook the fact that the Redskins are terrified of their own perception too. They know they're more often than not the butt of everyone's joke, and they don't want to screw this thing up either. 

"What if Kirk regresses?" or "What if we look stupid and he never gets us anywhere in the postseason?" are phrases tumbling through their heads out at Redskins Park on a daily basis.

The Redskins don't want to be used as another bad example for poor roster management and dumb decisions. The problem is this is one of the few times where being cautious is going to hurt them a whole lot more than writing the big check. 

I hope you're ready for another season long "what is Kirk's future is DC?" conversation. Except this time Cousins will be planning is exit strategy, and we can watch him walk down the aisle with another team in 2018.

Nick Ashooh