Is it weird to sniff deodorant in the store before you buy it?

By Nick Ashooh

So I was in Target the other day, and like most normal people, needed to get deodorant before I ran out at home and smelled like a homeless guy. 

The thing is, I always feel like the only person sitting there and smelling them. Obviously you have to right? I mean "Swagger", "Aqua Reef" and "Pure Sport" (yes I'm an Old Spice guy) mean literally nothing without getting your nose buried in it. 

So I decided to do what every red-blooded American does now when faced with a question, ask social media. 

This is obviously different than asking the internet to re-name your team and I'm in no way being a hypocrite. 

Luckily, Twitter came through for me when I asked, "Is it weird to sniff deodorants before you buy them?"

Thank you internet. Sometimes you actually DO come through.

Glad this is settled with hard data and pure science.

There's still a few things I have a feeling will never be socially acceptable to sniff in public, but those goes without saying right? 

Nick Ashooh