The Cousins Horror Movie Has a Predictable Ending

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By Nick Ashooh

Will Kirk Cousins re-sign with the Redskins?

For what it’s worth, I’m sick of the conversation. We all should be. But the “will he or won’t he” debate isn’t going away, at least not until his long-term future is finally in writing and signed, wherever and whenever that ends up being.

Let’s take a step back for a second though, and look at this with a wide lens. The reason this whole thing is like a drug to Redskins fans is simple: We’ve never seen this before in the NFL. It’s unprecedented. Quarterbacks aren’t left blowing in the wind like this.

We’re in a world where below-average guys at the position, with losing career records, make $15 million a year. Or where teams will actually consider drafting Mitchell Trubisky over sure-fire game-changer Myles Garrett, “because…quarterback”

The Redskins have a quarterback that’s re-written the franchise’s record books, but he may not be around past this season. Think about that logic.

Quarterbacks are like bread and milk in a blizzard; everyone seems to need them, and they’ll take whatever’s left if they have to. The Redskins though, are being a little too picky before the storm hits. It’s obvious they don’t want what Cousins has to offer, and enough time has passed to show us they’re willing to try and find something better at the next sold out store.

Guess what? The Fiji water and steak is long gone. It’s only scraps on the shelf out there.

Cousins told NFL Live he doesn’t expect to go anywhere this year: “I haven’t heard anything. I’m not expecting anything to happen. And I’m looking forward to getting back to work with my teammates.”

He keeps saying all the right things, and the Redskins keep doing all the wrong ones.

You know the joke about the person who always says, “Yeah I’m gonna quit smoking, after this weekend”? They don’t really want to quit, and the Redskins half-hearted last offer of $20 million per season shows they’re not really trying either.

They’d rather go younger and cheaper. Fine. But just remember, the odds are always in your favor taking the proven track record versus crossing your fingers and hoping your crystal ball is right on a young draft pick. I’d bet on a brighter future with Cousins than hoping some guy a year from now falls to them in the draft, then develops into a franchise guy years later.

Maybe Cousins is just the next Tony Romo — record-setting regular seasons, no postseason success. But considering the lack of postseason appearances this organization has had over the past couple decades, they don’t really have the luxury of betting on getting it right later, when the right choice has been staring them in the face the last two years.

Just like a horror movie where you can see the tragic ending coming, we’re all screaming and telling them not to go in that dark room. Sadly, even though we’ve never seen this one before, we already know how it ends.

Nick Ashooh